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Have you felt it lately? That lost feeling you might get when you look at a customer and know that there’s something more they need, something more they are missing from your product. Do you feel like there’s an unnamed expectation that you can’t seem to fulfill? There seems to be a new breed of consumer: A customer who appears to be sophisticated, savvy, and well researched. This new breed of consumer doesn’t just want a product or service, they want something more, something bigger, something beyond a product they can hold. They want an experience. Something intangible that connects them to the brand and immerses them into a world each time they interact with them. I’m going to teach you how to give it to them.

About the Author

Benjamin Warsinske has worked with clients around the world, from conceptualizing resort residential communities in the Middle East to engaging in highly strategic studies with the United States Air Force across the Pacific Theater. He is a recognized thought leader in brand strategy and is a frequent contributor to a number of publications, including the Huffington Post and HustleTime Magazine. Mr. Warsinske is the author of GroundWork, a new book that provides a simple framework to develop a foundation for an unshakable brand. As founder and CEO of BrandedWorld.co, he and his team work with clients to build unshakable brands and deliver exceptional brand experiences.

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